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Apr 22, 2021

How ops helped GetYourGuide not only survive but thrive during the pandemic

Patrick Müller
Director of Supply Operations and Content at GetYourGuide

Patrick Müller is the Director of Supply Operations and Content at GetYourGuide, a curated marketplace for tours and activities. The company gives the whole world access to incredible experiences.

Patrick's responsibilities include Supply & Sales Operations and Excellence, Partner Connectivity, Inventory Content Management, and Localization.

Prior to GetYourGuide, Patrick was a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group, where he managed large client projects in the consumer and operations sector across the world.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.

0:49   Who is Patrick?

5:28   Patrick's definition of operations

6:48   What is GetYourGuide?

9:29   How Patrick joined GetYourGuide

12:47   Operations at a curated, travel-focused marketplace

13:12   Patrick's day to day

15:42   How COVID impacted GetYourGuide from the supply and demand perspective

18:02   Tooling at GetYourGuide

20:06   Partner onboarding process

20:40   How processes change over time

32:32   How company communications changed during COVID

34:45   Advice for folks considering a career in ops

36:20   What excites you the most about the world right now

37:37   How to reach Patrick