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May 20, 2021

Risk ops at Rippling, Stripe, Earnest, AMEX

Keith Walewski
Head of Risk at Rippling

Keith Walewski is the head of risk at Rippling, an all-in-one employee management platform.

Prior to Rippling, Keith worked at Stripe, Earnest, AMEX, and Chrysler. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

0:35   Who is Keith?

3:38   What is risk?

5:55   Risk models

9:56   What is Rippling?

10:57   Keith's processes at Rippling

16:42   Tooling at Rippling

25:09   Keith's KPIs

26:22   Lessons from AMEX

31:05   Advice for folks considering a career in ops

33:47   What excites you the most about the world right now

34:53   How to reach Keith