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How DoorDash ops won

Andrew Munday
Co-founder at Local Food Group, Former Director of Operations at DoorDash

Andrew Munday is currently a co-founder at Local Food Group. He was the former Director of Operations and on the founding team of DoorDash.  He also started and / or run operations at companies including Future Fit, Open, and Pilaris. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

1:01   Who is Andrew?

4:36   How Andrew joined Doordash

4:52   Operations at Doordash

6:24   Andrew's definition of operations

9:07   Challenges with menu operations at Doordash

12:31   Tooling at Doordash

13:04   Hiring for ops at a fast growing company

16:14   Tony's focus

17:22   Checklists at Doordash

19:16   How to keep everyone in the loop as processes changed

20:40   Local Food Group (Andrew's newest company where he's a cofounder)

21:41   Ops at Local Food Group

23:50   How rap influenced Andrew's life

25:00   Advice for folks considering a career in ops

27:18   What excites you the most about the world right now

29:21   How to reach Andrew (he's hiring!) - (

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