Supercharge your team's processes
Macro helps teams create powerful checklists for any recurring process. Document, assign, track, and automate.
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Process design
Introducing a new kind of checklist
Macro checklists leverage a variety of task types that allow work to be completed in a single tab, removing the need for context switches or sifting through lengthy documentation.
Task management
Keep tasks organized and accounted for
Task assignment features help route work to teammates and groups, while the Inbox helps you manage your own tasks or claim work from shared queues.
Tracking and analytics
Bring order to chaos
Track processes, monitor key metrics, and take advantage of built-in reporting features to gain a clear picture of your team's operations.
Get started with templates

Use our templates as inspiration for what kinds of processes you can build with Macro.

Unlock your superpowers with integrations

Maximize your experience by connecting integrations to your workspace.

Macro x Zapier

Automatically trigger Macro checklists and connect with +300 integrations that aren’t available yet in Macro.

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Macro helped us move our inter-team workflows from live meetings & Google Sheets to clean, easy-to-track checklists. Automated notifications have sped up throughout and reduced dropped handoffs. This was a huge lift for our team.

Judah Rabinowitz, Chief Data Officer at Waltham Clinic

Flow through your repetitive work
With task assignment, deadlines, reminders and more, Macro is purpose-built for managing procedural work.
Macro’s catalogue of integrations allows you to automate your processes piece-by-piece.

Your teams work across multiple systems and utilize the capabilities of various APIs. Macro does too.
Macro offers visibility for all of the processes that are taking place in your organization.

Tracking processes, coordinated dispatch, aggregated metrics and insights… Macro is ready to help your team operate at scale.