Please note: Macro was sunset on May 1, 2022.
Process management without the headache
Macro helps teams create powerful workflows. Document, assign, track and automate.
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Why Macro?

We want people to focus on work that requires empathy.

With the power of the internet and software, non-technical employees should now be able to create apps to solve their problems. We are not the first to believe this. Many proponents of the no-code movement subscribe to a similar view.

But there currently isn’t a single tool that allow teams to document, assign, track, and automate their unique processes in a simple, yet comprehensive way.

There are tools out there that help you automate workflows, but not all work can be fully automated. Most work still—and we believe this will be the case for a long time—requires human involvement. So what do companies do today for things that feel mechanical and repetitive, but which can’t be automated because they require human involvement?

We believe these apps that people create, take the form of a checklist. Checklists have been traditionally used to document and go through repeatable tasks. The world wide web is no different. We are going to turn today’s checklist makers into tomorrow’s enterprise app builders.

Macro helped us move our inter-team workflows from live meetings & Google Sheets to clean, easy-to-track checklists. Automated notifications have sped up throughout and reduced dropped handoffs. This was a huge lift for our team.

Judah Rabinowitz, Chief Data Officer at Waltham Clinic

Task management
Keep tasks organized and accounted for
Macro helps ops-heavy teams manage repetitive procedures and one-off tasks with a simple inbox that keeps track of all assigned work.
Powerful checklists for any workflow
Macro turns checklists into enterprise apps, removing the need for context switches or sifting through lengthy documentation.
Templates designed for your needs

Get a head start with checklists made for specific use cases.

Integrations that blend into your workflow

Trigger actions in all of the apps and services that your team depends on.

Macro x Zapier

Automatically trigger Macro checklists and connect with +3000 integrations that aren’t available yet in Macro.

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